Friday, May 17, 2013

Remember the movie "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks? He had ended up with a house...don't remember how or why... but it needed lots of repairs and he was constantly being told. "Two weeks" whenever he asked about when a job would be finished. That has been my experience with this book. But it is FINALLY on its way to the printer! I am SOOOOO excited. Can't wait to see my book in my hand. In TWO WEEKS!
     I've had a few people ask me if my book is about my cancer experience. So, I thought I would comment it on my blog incase others are wondering the same thing.
     No, my book is has nothing to do with cancer. Only, while I was going through treatments I did use that time to put the finishing touches on "Darla's Decision" and wrote two sequels. So if this one goes well I have two more in the series. I couldn't work in my garden or go into the heat for very long, I got tired of reading and watching movies and hurt to much to much else then I wrote! I also have two other smaller stories that I wrote last summer also. It was a great way to get my mind off my troubles and worries.
     I appreciate everyone's support and I am thrilled to hear other people excited about ME writing a book. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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